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Painting with emotions

Painting watercolours is one of my great passion. The challenge for me is not to get all the details in the painting but to express the feelings in my head, the atmosphere and the mood. I like greys and earthcolors like the old 19th century Dutch masters.

Watercolour is a transparant medium and its real beauty lies in the clarity and freshness of the applied paint. That's why I love watercolour so much.


I'll get my inspiration from the nature and having a walk in the old city of Dordrecht.

Sometimes it's a struggle for me to get a good watercolor painting, it's a difficult medium and often a surprise how you're colors react. I tore up my many failures but I was never sufficiently discouraged to quit.

Feeling relaxed...
It is very important that you feel yourself well before leaving to paint, if you're tired or strained, it does not succeed simply. When I'm tired I don't paint but catch a good book and relax.
Relaxed feeling frequently leads to the best results, this goes frequently accompanied by the necessary "inspiration".